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IRS Direct

When you come to Taxmartsolutions.com for income tax preparation, you can choose the products and services that are right for you. When you choose the IRS Direct option, you can receive your refund directly from the IRS via direct deposit to your bank account in 8 to 15 days, or have your refund check mailed to you in 21 to 28 days. The IRS Direct option is free with paid income tax preparation.

Benefits of IRS Direct

When you choose the free IRS Direct option, you can easily keep track of your IRS income tax refund status. The IRS provides this popular monitoring service that allows you to check your IRS income tax refund status online. You can also call the tax refund status service toll-free at 1-800-829-1954. You can use these services whether you choose direct deposit of your refund or opt to have your refund check mailed to you by the IRS. When you log on or call to check the status of your refund, you will receive a message that confirms the expected date of deposit of your income tax refund. For security purposes, this service will not specify the amount of the individual deposits or the accounts to which the deposits were made.

Benefits of an Assisted Refund

When you choose the Assisted Refund option at Taxmartsolutions.com, you do not have to pay for tax preparation services out of pocket because tax preparation and other fees are deducted from the Assisted Refund proceeds. Plus, you can get your refund in 8 to 15 days!

Electronic Refund Check (ERC)

The ERC is the answer for taxpayers who do not want a refund anticipation loan and who need or want a paper check. After the IRS deposits the refund (10-14 days after the return is accepted), the bank deposits your fees in your account and you print a check for the balance for the taxpayer. You get your fees and there’s no risk of loan losses.

Direct Deposit Refund Anticipation Loan (DDRAL)

Perfect for taxpayers who have an immediate need for their tax loan proceeds and have a bank account. The bank will lend funds on the anticipation of the taxpayer’s refund being deposited from the IRS to cover the loan. Typically, these loans are granted in 1-2 days. Once the loan is approved, your prep fees are deposited into your bank account and the balance of the loan proceeds are deposited into the taxpayer’s bank account.

Direct Deposit Refund (DDR)

Like the ERC, this product is not a loan. When the IRS deposits the refund (10-14 days after the return is accepted), the bank deposits your fees into your account and the balance into the taxpayer’s personal account. There are no checks to print