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Now time to refer it’s to you facebook friend and earn

Referral Form

Referral FormSee form to your top right! Fill out form with your info and your friend’s. Provide current address & contact info for your Referral Check(s). You need to complete these form if you not then you can’t take advantages as referral. Fill the form and earn at sitting at one place.

Spread the word

Referral FormA special coupon prints out for every friend you want to refer. Pass the $50 savings to all your friends & have them bring it to the nearest TAXMART INCOME TAX office. By this amazing feature you and your friend both take benefits of 50$. You earn 50$ as referrals and your friends get rebate of 50$ as you refer them.

Get paid

Get paidCash the same day! When your friends come in with the referral coupons and file their taxes – YOU GET PAID! By this stunning component you and your companion both take advantages of 50$. You gain 50$ as referrals and your companions get discount of 50$ as you allude them.

1. Referrals are only for new clients. In order to qualify for the $50 Referral check the referring & referred persons must file their taxes in the same location, city, and state. The referring or referred persons cannot have any FMS or IRS debt. The referring & referred returns must also be electronically accepted by the IRS. Not valid with any other offers.

2. Same rules in disclaimer above apply. If only the referred person files with TAXMART INCOME TAX® the referral fee is $10.